How much does a member of the All Blacks make?

New Zealand are arguably the most famous international rugby team in the world. So exactly how much do the stars of that team make?

How much does a member of the All Blacks make? New Zealand players tend to make around $7,500 NZD (4,500 USD) per week when they are with the international team. All Blacks tend to make anywhere between $150k NZD and $500k (300,000 USD) NZD per year. These figures are based only on what they are paid for international play, not money they make from Club contracts or endorsement deals.

New Zealand’s very best international player’s do not get paid as much as you think. It is generally believed that anytime the New Zealand team are together in a camp for a competition, they get paid $7,500 NZD per week. This is a huge amount of money when it is for major competitions like the Rugby World Cup or the Rugby Championship.

These players do not only earn money from touring with the All Blacks. All Blacks will also earn a huge amount of money with their Super Rugby teams. Usually, contracts with Super Rugby teams will be at least $150,000 for international players. But these contracts can go up massively in value.

The most experienced and best All Blacks can make up to around $1 million per year. But this sort of money is incredibly rare. It is believed that players like Beauden Barrett and Ardie Savea are playing while playing for New Zealand.

But the money that All Blacks can make is not as much as you would think. That is why you see a massive amount of All Blacks go overseas once their international careers finish. It is why Beauden Barrett and Aaron Smith are going to play in Japan after the 2023 Rugby World Cup. We have seen Jerome Kaino, Dan Carter and Ma’a Nonu go to play in France after their international careers end.

Who is the highest paid All Black?

At the time of writing, it is widely believed that Beauden Barrett is the highest paid All Black prior to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Barrett is the superstar of this current New Zealand team and will be a massive part of the team at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

It is believed that Barrett is earning a total of $1 million NZD prior to his move to Japan after the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This is not just from the salary from New Zealand, but it will also be from Barrett’s various endorsements and sponsors. There are some other players who could be the highest paid.

Ardie Savea, Aaron Smith and Richie Mo’unga could all be the highest paid All Blacks. Savea is the most likely to be the second highest paid player in this team because of the superstar he is one the field and off the field. But no All Black gets paid more than Beauden Barrett at the moment.

What is the All Blacks bonus?

There is believed to be some bonus pay associated with the All Blacks. Although it is not known what the bonus for the All Blacks would be if they won the 2023 Rugby World Cup, we do know how much the New Zealand team would have each earned if they had won the tournament in 2019.

The All Blacks would have won $150,000 per player if they had won the 2019 Rugby World Cup. That is a huge amount of money and there is a good chance that the bonus could be even higher in 2023 if the All Blacks win the championship later this year.

There is a good chance that there are bonuses for competitions other than the Rugby World Cup. All Black players likely earn some sort of bonus for winning the Rugby Championship and there would likely be some form of bonus for beating the British and Irish Lions as well.

How much does it cost to go to an All Blacks game?

All Blacks games are incredibly special occasions. So you might think that it costs a fortune to go to a game, but it is slightly more affordable than you might think.

It costs anywhere from $50 to $200 for standard match tickets to any single All Blacks game. That is for both home and away games. Tickets will be much more expensive for any competitive games that the All Blacks take part in. All Blacks games in the Rugby World Cup and the Rugby Championship can be quite expensive.

But friendlies or any other internationals will be a lot cheaper. For the team’s Rugby World Cup tournament warm up game, tickets will be anywhere from $40 to $70 for the standard adult match tickets. Tickets can be extremely expensive if you are looking to watch the All Blacks in hospitality seats.

Who is the oldest current All Black?

At the time of writing, the oldest still playing All Black is Dane Coles. The experienced Hooker is 36 years old and will be going to his third Rugby World Cup with the All Blacks. Coles is by far the oldest player currently in the All Blacks squad, being two years older than Sam Whitelock and Aaron Smith who are also currently in the All Blacks squad. 

Dane Coles has been part of the All Blacks team since 2012, even starting in the 2015 Rugby World Cup final. It seems likely that Voles will not be playing for the All Blacks after the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

When did the All Blacks go professional?

The All Blacks may be one of the most historic rugby teams in the world, but those players in the famous black jersey have not been getting paid for very long.

The All Blacks became professional in 1995, when the rest of world rugby also became professional thanks to the changes that World Rugby made to the rules around player contracts.

Since that time, the All blacks have been paid not only for appearing for their international team, but also appearing for their domestic team. The All Blacks have been professional for the last 28 years, having turned professional in 1995.

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