What do Harlequins fans sing?

If you are at a Harlequins Rugby game you occasionally will hear a little chirp coming over the tannoy. All of the sudden the crowd all start singing in unison and if you are not a fan of the club you may wonder what do harlequins fans sing?

What do Harlequins fans sing? The song Harlequins fans sing is Mighty Quin by Manfred Mann. Although the original song was by Bob Dylan. 

So why this song? Ok it mentions Quinn’s which is the nickname of Harlequins but why this specific song is played during games. Read on and we’ll get into the details.

When did the song start being played at Harlequins?

In 1995 rugby union turned professional. Up until this point rugby had been an amature game! Yes, even playing for a top team such Harlequins was deemed to be amature and you had a day job as well as playing rugby. 

Following the change to professionalism, new stands were built at Quinn’s ground  and music was played through the tannoy. In 1998 it was chosen that the Mighty Quinn would be played occasionally (once a half, when Quinn’s were attacking). There is a little bird chirping noise just before the song comes on. 

What are the lyrics to the song?

The Quinn’s fans will just sing the chorus of the Mighty Quinn and then it cuts off. The lyrics sung are shown below.

Come all without, come all within

You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn

Come all without, come all within

You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn

The full song in its all glory can be listened to below.

What’s it like being in the crowd when the song comes on?

It’s a great feeling being in the crowd when the chirp happens and everyone starts singing. The unison of everyone signing is tremendous. I was at the game between Harlequins and Racing 92 in December 2022 and captured the moment on my phone.

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