What is appropriate clothing for Rugby?

If you have never played rugby before, it can be intimidating when you don’t know what to wear. Let’s take a look at what you’re supposed to wear for Rugby. 

What is appropriate clothing for rugby? You need rugby boots and socks. Sports shorts and a rugby shirt are also needed. Some players choose to wear compression bottoms or tops when it is cold or wet. 

There are a few necessary things for rugby that are usually not given by the clubs. Rugby boots are one of the things that are definitely necessary for rugby. They are different from a lot of other boots because they usually have solid metal studs which can be difficult to take out. 

These boots are very important because otherwise, you will keep slipping around the pitch when it is wet. Rugby socks are also important. These will be long socks and they will usually be the colour of the team they are playing for. 

In terms of shorts, there are specific rugby shorts that allow players to run freely. These will also be the colour of the team you are playing for because this helps to differentiate between the two teams. This is the same for a rugby shirt, which is often short-sleeved and lightweight, which is comfiest for the players. It also is lightweight so players can run faster. 

These are the appropriate clothes for rugby, but there are also some clothes which are optional for rugby. Some players choose to wear a scrum cap because it protects their ears from turning into cauliflower ears and some also believe it helps protect their heads from concussions. This is certainly optional clothing for rugby. 

Some players will also choose to wear compression bottoms or tops. These are usually used for warmth, but some players decide to wear them to prevent grazing their legs or arms on artificial pitches. Some players will also wear tape when they are playing rugby. This can be to help with injuries or to help different pieces of clothing stay there.

Do you have to wear shorts in rugby? 

Yes, you do have to wear shorts to play rugby. In rugby, you are required to wear scrum shorts. They may just look like normal football shorts, but rugby shorts are slightly different. 

Rugby shorts are stiffer and more durable. They are put through a lot more than football shorts, but they are also less stretchy than football shorts. There is not allowed to be any padding in the shorts as this is forbidden by the majority of major rugby leagues around the world. 

The shorts need to be tight as if they are big and baggy which makes it easier to tackle the player. But if the shorts are too tight then it makes it more difficult for players to run fast and change direction quickly. Players don’t want to wear anything longer than shorts because they can be restrictive and slow a player down quite a lot. 

Are leggings illegal in rugby?

One of the trends that you might have noticed in rugby over the last few years is that there are a lot more players wearing compression tights. Some people aren’t sure about the legality of these leggings. 

Leggings are legal in rugby. For a long time leggings or tights were not allowed in the game of rugby. However, that rule was changed by World Rugby in 2021 to allow players to wear tights or leggings during games at all levels of the sport. It is a hardly surprising move from World Rugby. 

There are more and more artificial pitches being used in rugby. These pitches are cheaper for rugby teams in the long run and can be used for more things because they are much more durable than a grass field. However, they are not completely welcomed by players. 

The more durable surface tends to be pretty painful for the players. It is easy for players to scrape their knees and elbows, with carpet burn being really painful for these players. That is why you are seeing a lot more players wearing leggings and tights. World Rugby has to make leggings legal when there are more artificial pitches. 

Are sleeves allowed in rugby? 

One of the things that has changed in rugby since the game became professional is that rugby shirts are now short-sleeved. But that does not mean that players can’t wear sleeves if they want to.

Sleeves are allowed in rugby. Rugby shirts will be short-sleeved because this helps players to run faster as in the past players had to deal with big baggy sleeves. But if players want to wear tight arm sleeves then it is absolutely allowed. A lot more players are turning back to the long sleeves. 

Long sleeves help these players stop from getting carpet burn from the new artificial pitches which are becoming incredibly popular in rugby.

Are gloves banned in rugby?

In the past, we have seen a lot of rugby legends wearing gloves. In other sports, gloves give people an advantage when trying to catch the ball because they can be sticky and use some sort of adhesive. So why don’t more people use sticky gloves for rugby to help them catch the ball? 

Players are not allowed to wear gloves in rugby. Part of the rulebook that is decided by World Rugby states that players are not allowed to wear gloves as It gives the player an unfair advantage. However, there is a workaround in these rules which is what you will see some players wear. 

You are allowed to wear fingerless mitts in rugby. Without the glove covering the finger, there is not the same adhesive that makes the gloves sticky. So if a player really wants to wear something on their hands, then they are permitted to wear gloves that are fingerless. It is not something you see as often now. 

In the past, we have seen players like Matt Dawson, Matt Giteua and George Smith wear fingerless gloves. 

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