What is the colour of Harlequins kit?

Harlequins have one of the most distinct kits in all of Rugby, with few teams having as many different colours on their kit as Harlequins do. 

What is the colour of Harlequin’s kit? The Harlequins kit features four different colours which are: Chocolate Brown, French Grey, Magenta and Light Blue. These are the colours used on the traditional quartered kit. 

The exact colours of the Harlequins kit are not always exact. These are still the colours used on the home kit today, but they do feature additional colours now. The original quarters feature the four colours mentioned above. But the current kit also features black sleeves with green at the end. 

It means that the current Harlequins’ home kit features six colours in total, beginning with the four quarters of Chocolate Brown, French Grey, Magenta and Light Blue. Along with these are black and green which feature on the sleeves and the side of the shirt. 

The current away kit features very different colours. It currently has a base of white and features the French grey on the end of the sleeve as well as in a pattern on the shirt alongside the white. There is also a light blue overlay on the shirt, with these two colours being the same as the ones on the home shirt. 

Technically there are also a few other colours featured on the away shirt. The Castore badge on the shirt is black, with Castore being the kit sponsor for Harlequins. Not only that, but the DHL logo features prominently on the shirt as a sponsor of the team. The shirt features the yellow and red logo of DHL. 

Harlequins do technically have a third kit as well which is different to the home and away shirt. It is the Big Game shirt, being used in their game at Twickenham against the Bristol Bears in December 2022. The Shirt has a basis of black and dark grey, with lines of green, red and white going across the main shirt. This kit also features both the DHL logo and the Castore logo. 

What League are Harlequins in? 

Harlequins are in the Gallagher Premiership which is the top level of English Rugby. They have been part of this since 2006 when the team were promoted from the National Division One, which is now known as the Championship, the second tier of Rugby in England. 

The Premiership is the top level of English rugby, currently featuring eleven teams, having originally started the season with 13 teams. Harlequins have had a lot of success in the division, winning the top level of English Rugby twice. 

Harlequins Castore 

You may have noticed over the last 12 months that Castore has started to feature prominently alongside Harlequins. That is because Harlequins signed a multi-year deal with British sportswear brand Castore ahead of the 2022-23 season. 

The business has developed into one of the most successful sports brands over the last few years and they have added Harlequins to a long list of clients. In rugby, Castore also sponsors Harlequins’ cross-town rival Saracens as well as Welsh side Scarlets. Castore sponsors football teams like Aston Villa, Rangers and Newcastle United as well as the England Cricket Team. 

The deal that was signed in 2022 meant that Castore entered into a technical and retail partnership with Harlequins. Castore now supplies Harlequins with all of their playing and training kits. This is a partnership for not only the men’s team but also for the women’s and youth teams of Harlequins. 

This deal also saw the end of the partnership between Adidas and Harlequins, who had been the kit supplier to Harlequins since 2015. 

What Rugby teams does Castor sponsor? 

Castore have five rugby teams that they sponsor. In terms of regional teams, Saracens were the first domestic team that Castore chose to sponsor. The pair agreed on a deal with Saracens in June 2021, just as the club was returning to the Gallagher Premiership after a stint in the Championship. With Saracens being one of the best English teams in the Premiership, it was a good move by Castore. 

At the start of the 2022-23 season, they took on two more domestic rugby teams, agreeing on a deal to become kit supplier with Harlequins and Welsh side Scarlets. Castore agreed on a multi-year kit deal with both that will see the two teams become part of a growing list of sporting partners. But Castore does not only sponsor domestic teams. 

In November 2021, Castore made their first move into international rugby. They became the sponsor for the Samoan National Rugby team. This deal will take them through to the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and will see Castore appear at a Rugby World Cup for the first time and Samoa will be the only team featuring Castore kit.

The company signed their second international deal at the start of 2022. They signed a six-year deal with USA Rugby that will last until the end of 2027, after the World Cup in Australia. The USA has developed well over the last few years and it is a profitable partnership for both sides. 

Who Owns Harlequins Rugby? 

Harlequins are one of the most successful rugby teams in England, but that success would not have happened without a lot of support. In 1997, Duncan Saville and Charles Jillings bought the majority of shares in the club. 

Jillings is a man who some Harlequins fans may know of as he currently sits on the board of directors of the club. But the majority of the wealth comes through Duncan Saville. He is an Australian entrepreneur, known as one of the most reclusive businessmen in Australia. 

Saville made the majority of his money thanks to the privatisation of water companies in England and Wales. He bought a lot of undervalued shares at the start of this privatisation and benefited heavily when these stocks started to boom and Saville was able to launch other investments off the back of this. Harlequins was one of those investments as the pair are known as avid rugby fans. 

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