Where can I watch Gallagher Premiership?

The Gallagher Premiership is one of the best rugby leagues in the world. With superstars on almost every team, there is action in pretty much every game. So you don’t want to miss a game. 

Where can I watch Gallagher Premiership? Premiership Rugby TV is the main Premiership Rugby streaming service which covers most games. BT sport is where you can watch usually three games per weekend. There are different ways you can watch the Premiership in different countries. 

The Gallagher Premiership has a few different ways that you can watch games and it really depends on what country you are in. There is one international way that you can watch the Gallagher Premiership in almost every country in the world.

Premiership Rugby TV

One of the newest and most exciting ways that you can watch the Gallagher Premiership was Premiership Rugby TV, also known as PRTV. This was something that was only introduced in the last few years. The concept of a streaming service for sport is becoming a lot more popular in the last few years. PRTV is new for the 2022-23 season. 

Leagues want to have more control over the product that they are producing and Premiership Rugby was looking for a way that every single Gallagher Premiership game could be televised. Premiership Rugby TV will show every game of the Premiership that is not being shown on BT sport. 

It usually means that PRTV is usually showing three games per weekend. BT Sport will usually show one Friday night game, one Saturday afternoon game and one Sunday afternoon game. PRTV will therefore usually show the other three games that start at 3 PM on Saturday. 

If there are multiple games on a Friday, PRTV will usually show one of those games. The exciting part of PRTV is that you can get a membership in pretty much every country. PRTV is available worldwide except for in the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Belarus. It is a great move to get rugby coverage worldwide. 

How much is Premiership Rugby TV? 

There are three different ways that you can purchase PRTV. If you just want one game then it costs £4.99 to watch a single game. If you want to put every game in a single round of the Premiership it will cost £6.99. You can buy a season pass which is £99.99 and gives you access to every game that PRTV is showing in a season. 

BT Sport 

BT is the main way that you can watch Premiership Rugby. Sky Sports previously held the rights to the league, but BT Sport became the senior broadcast partner of Premiership Rugby in 2013 and the original deal between the parties expired in 2016. The partnership was highly successful as viewership rose by 40% in the first season and so two more deals have been signed since. 

The most recent deal means that BT Sport will cover up to 80 games in a season. This partnership covers Premiership Rugby and Premiership Rugby Cup. The deal runs until 2024. There are a few different ways that you can watch BT Sport. 

You can purchase the Big Sport package which is £41 per month for all of Sky Sports and BT Sport. A much more commonly used way to watch BT Sport is the monthly pass which is £25 a month and is a rolling contract, unlike the other options that are fixed contracts alongside broadband. 

The BT Sport monthly pass gives you instant access to the BT Sport channels and gives you access to watch European Rugby competitions like the Champions and Challenge Cup alongside Premiership Rugby. 


There are very few rugby games that are free to watch. ITV announced a new partnership with Premiership Rugby in January 2022. It is a two-year deal that will see seven live games shown on ITV in both the 2022-23 and 2023-24 seasons. This deal includes the Premiership Final. 

Where can I watch Gallagher Premiership USA? 

None of the ways that you can watch Premiership Rugby in the UK are transferable to the USA. Peacock is the exclusive coverage provider of the Gallagher Premiership in the USA. Peacock presents coverage of every game of the Gallagher Premiership thanks to a deal between Premiership Rugby and NBC which is the owner of Peacock. 

Peacock Premium is what you need to buy if you want to watch Premiership Rugby in the USA and is available for only $4.99 per month. This is part of NBC’s extensive coverage of Rugby Union which includes coverage of the Six Nations, World Rugby Sevens Series and European Champions and Challenge Cup. 

All of this is in preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and Rugby is trying to move into the USA market as the Rugby World Cup will be hosted in the USA in 2031. 

Where can I watch Gallagher Premiership in Australia? 

Australia is another of the countries where you cannot watch the Premiership through PRTV or BT Sport. There was some worry after the end of the 2020-21 season on how you would watch Premiership Rugby in Australia. 

Thankfully, Premiership Rugby signed a deal with Stan Sport and they are the exclusive broadcast partner to the league. Stan Sport now shows more than 130 games of the Premiership and is always looking to further the Australians in the Premiership with guys like Scott Sio, Joe Powell and Angus Scott-Young. 

The deal is a very good one for Premiership Rugby as it is thought to be worth around $100 million to the league. If you want to watch Premiership Rugby in Australia, Stan’s sports package is available for only $10 per month and there is a free trial. 

How to watch Premiership Rugby for free

There are not many options to watch Premiership Rugby for free. All Premiership Rugby highlights are posted for free on YouTube so are free to watch. In terms of full games, ITV shows seven Premiership games in 2022-23 and 2023-24 and this is the only free-to-air Premiership Rugby being shown. 

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